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Mission Statement - Personal Vision Statement of Church Ministry

Our personal mission statement reflects our passion and vision to reach the lost online. The Internet contains a vast pool of people surfing for help, hope, and love. The statement of our mission is to reach out to people and help point them to the Lord. 

The resources on this site will serve as a valuable tool for getting people saved and helping them to grow and mature. By no means is this site constructed as a substitute for local church activity. You should be a part of a local church or group of people that meet together to encourage each other, learn and grow, and ultimately discover God's plan for your life.

In writing this mission statement, I commit to do all that I can with the resources that the Lord has entrusted to me. This means using my God given talents and skills to further the spreading of the Gospel around the world. 

It is my prayer that countries that have had closed doors such as China and other nations to the spreading of the Gospel (as commanded by the Lord), and strict internet access privileges, be granted free access online to Christian websites. The Internet truly is a wonderful way to reach a lost and hurting world.


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