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Experience the Anointed "Teaching Gift" As the Revelation of God's Word Enlightens You Heart!

If you would like to have me speak in your local church, before a group, or for a special occasion, please contact me with the scheduled details. I will prayerfully consider each request and do my best to accommodate your needs.

As a minister and Christian speaker, I can hold seminars for you in the following main areas or as the Lord leads:

  • God's "Unbreakable" Force of Faith: Walking, Living, and Standing By Faith In The "Unbreakable" Word of God.

  • The "Unbreakable" Authority of The Name of Jesus: A detailed study of the place that the Name of Jesus has in the the daily life of the Christian.

  • The Love Walk: Embracing God's most powerful force for our lives.

  • Prayer: A detailed look at the different types of prayer that is available including how to pray according to the scriptures and see dynamic results in your life.

  • God's Plan for The Holy Spirit In Your Life: He is "waiting" to be everything the Word says that He "is" if you will only put Him to work.

  • God's Unbreakable Blood Covenant of Healing: A detailed look at our healing covenant from the Old and New Testament, including how to receive and enjoy healing for your body now.

Christian Speaker - Seminar Meetings - Lectures

Experience anointed teachings in Gods Word in the area of healing, faith, prayer, Holy Spirit, and authority in the Name of Jesus


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